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Mission & goals

" Our mission is to raise confident learners using children's natural joie de vivre" 

Autonomy and confidence

We emphasize independence and encourage children to develop a strong sense of self. We recognize that every child has a different learning style. Our environment instills a love for learning and is a place where children can safely explore and learn at their own pace. They grow in an environment that is playful, nurturing and respectful. We guide children through developing social skills and life values. 


Fostering exploration to develop knowledge


Our program includes play, arts, science, math, pre-reading, pre-writing, cooking, music and movement. Projects are planned yet responsive to individual needs and environmental happenings. They are meaningful and relevant to children's life.

Outdoor exploration is a key part of our program. Playing outdoors allows children the physical freedom that is not always possible indoors. The more children move, the more they learn, and children can play outdoors year-round. We strive to develop confident and happy children.

Full immersion 


Mon petit Village is a French immersion preschool. However, no prior French is required. Research shows that because of the way their brain develops, younger children have a superior ability to learn foreign languages. At Mon Petit Village, children are immersed in a French environment. They acquire the language in a natural and playful way since it is present in all daily activities (singing, playing, dancing, reading, eating…).  

The benefits of a foreign language 

The ability to understand and speak French is only one benefit of our program. Research shows that students who are educated in a second language, particularly those who learn in an immersion setting, demonstrate increased mental flexibility and creative thinking. Bilingual students are also better able to analyze language. Because they learn that there are at least two ways to say the same thing, they have a greater understanding of the relationship between words and meaning. 

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