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Our Approach

"It takes a whole village to raise a child"

Mixed-age group

We believe that children benefit from being in a mixed-age environment. Mixed-age groups are like families: children support and take care of one another. All age groups spend their time caring, sharing, helping, working, and playing cooperatively.


Meaningful projects 

Children are offered a variety of projects to work on. Those projects are relevant to a child's life experience and help them understand the interrelationships between things and ideas. We promote active exploration

and discovery using all senses.

Building a community  

Children learn about their environment and are involved in the community. They participate in fieldtrips to the library, the parks, museums… Our preschool welcomes special guests who share their talents and inspire our young learners.  

Learning through play

Children are naturally playful. We give them the time to be children and use play as a support for learning and developing new skills, in particular the French language. Children use dramatic play to express their feelings; by encouraging play we also support them in their social and emotional development.  


Mindfulness is embedded in our program. We encourage children to pay more attention to the present moment and be in touch with how their body feels. We strive for children to understand both their own feelings and other people's feelings.  

Proper nutrition
The school provides homemade, mostly organic meals. Children are exposed to French cuisine, as it’s an important part of the culture. Furthermore, they participate in preparing the food as well as table set up and clean up just like in real life. 
Partnership with parents 

Mon Petit Village values communication. Teachers work in partnership with families, establishing and maintaining regular, ongoing, two-way communication. Parents are encouraged to participate in classroom activities and get involved in special projects with the class.


Children's activities are continuously documented so they can be shared with parents and used to monitor progress. Pictures are an excellent support to build French vocabulary based on their personal experiences. Once they get home, with the help of pictures, children can also easily talk about their day and proudly show what they did in school. 

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